Experience the power of Athena AI

Witness how Connex One's Athena AI can upgrade your contact centre processes:

Experience the power of Athena AI

The future of Customer Engagement software

Free up agent time by up to 90% with automated CX workflows
Auto-transcribe and search through every call
Gain valuable data from all interactions with Sentiment Analysis
Explore agent and team performance with detailed automated reports
Discover what customers are talking about with Keyphrase Analysis

Athena AI = Profitable Insights

Athena's AI and Automation features are the key to maximising your CX workforces potential, reducing
operating costs and knowing how to best satisfy customers

AI Speech Analytics

Positive/Negative sentiment analysis

Easily understand trends in customer conversations to ascertain customer satisfaction

Transcription services

Save your business time and money with automated transcription for all your calls

Full keyword analysis

Increase opportunities to up-sell by targeting how key words are used.

Next generation resolution management

Truly understand how your customers feel about your business with IVR surveys

Custom AI Workflows

Direct customers to answers or to Agents with AI Chat

Athena AI can initiate chats and answer common customer queries. With actionable custom workflows that can direct any advanced requests to the most suitable agent.

Athena AI Chat

Free up agent chat time by 90%

Allow Athena AI to handle online customer conversations without interruption; auto-transferring advanced cases to agents with no lengthy wait times.

Understand customer intent with machine learning

Our system understands customer intent, gets better over time and is smart enough to escalate and transfer to a human agent

Seamless integration with your system

Seamlessly integrate AI with the Omnichannel module to transition conversations between chat bots and humans

Collate information from various data sources

AI will continuously learn from a variety of data sources; FAQs, email archives, chat transcripts and your own website to ensure you stay current

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